Program Outline

Exciting program and activities are currently being developed by volunteers and youth, and will include live performances and fireworks on Art Hill, STEM and robotics, Ferris wheels, climbing walls, ziplines, water sports, competitions, games, Scout skills, special programming from community partners, and much more! The Saturday day program will be divided into eight exciting and unique program areas or “fests” to explore throughout the day, each with activities appropriate for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and older youth (Venturing, Exploring, etc.).

Exciting activities will continue to be announced!

Adventure Fest

Capture the best of Scouting with high energy activities and games.

  • Paintball Challenge Courses

  • Obstacle Course

  • Escape Rooms

  • Giant Games

  • Cyclocross

  • FBI

  • Science in a Tree

Challenger Fest

Test your skills in a series of Renaissance-style challenges and exhibits to explore.

  • Robin Hood Archery Challenge

  • Highland Games

  • DaVinci Exhibit

  • Inflatable Obstacle Courses

  • Bounce Houses

  • Blacksmithing

  • Strandbeest Challenge

Eagle's Flight Fest

While not a physical festival, select youth will share the experience of ScoutFest 2020 with youth from St. Louis Children's Hospital as Scouts connect through the wonders of modern technology.

  • Scouts partnered with youth in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital

  • Go-Pro Virtual Tours

  • Partner Adventures

  • Applications to be a part of Eagle's Flight coming soon!

Exploration Fest

Exploration Fest will let you explore the great adventures of the American West and amp up your Scouting skills along the way.

  • Roping and Lassoing

  • Climbing Towers

  • Slack Lines

  • Teepee Building Team Challenge

  • Trebuchet Building and Launching

  • Pioneer Challenges

Heritage Fest

Step into America’s past with activities reminiscent of the rich histories of Scouting and Forest Park.

  • 1904 World's Fair Celebration

  • Ferris Wheel

  • Lumberjack Games

  • Axe Throwing

  • Jamboree History & High Adventure

  • Fishing

  • Brownsea Island

Maritime Fest

Make a splash at Maritime Fest with all the water sports and activities you can think of.

  • SCUBA Tank

  • Giant Venture Canoes

  • Rubber Ducky Waterfall & Rescue

  • Ice-block Sledding

  • Fire Truck Water Demonstrations

  • Adventures with the Navy

  • Kayak Races

  • Team Battleship Competitions

  • Duty to God

Olympic Fest

Unite with your fellow Scouts in games, competitions, and athletic feats at Olympic Fest.

  • Torch Relay Across the Park

  • Chariot Races

  • Crate Stacking

  • Mini Golf

  • Virtual Reality

  • Wheelchair Basketball

  • X - Games

  • Winter Games


Engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to discover worlds both grand and microscopic

  • Drone Demonstrations

  • STEM in Baseball & Hockey

  • Robotics

  • Virtual Reality

  • Skilled Trades

Saturday Night Show

Gather with thousands of Scouts and Scouters on Art Hill to top off an amazing day in the park!

  • Live Bands & Performances

  • Fireworks Display


*The full entertainment lineup will be released at a later date.

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